We started the show by playing all of the jams with DJ CrushLive Flushing the Format, baby!
We did another edition of "Free Plug Friday" this morning, if you have a dog, you'll want to check out GoBone, the worlds first Smart Bone!

We got to chat with Grae Drake this morning, too, to find out what movies we need to check out this weekend! KiddNation.com

Thursday morning Olivia Holt came in to sing a couple of songs and share her love of ketchup. (Video Below)

Double Beat the Bank continues next week... It's twice the money, twice a day so make sure you're signed up on KiddNation.com and tune in next week when we announce the names at 6:50 and 7:50 CT!

Turns out Kellie Rasberry isn't the only one with that name, we will talk to another "Kellie Rasberry" next week.

Plus, we'll grant more Christmas Wishes and we take off on the Kidd's Kids trip!

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