When is the last time you pruned your tree to allow new, stronger branches to grow? If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, and your life lacks growth and newness, it’s probably because it’s time to prune the tree.

When one prunes a tree, he/she cuts away the damaged, dying branches, which if left connected to the tree will stunt it’s growth and vibrancy. So again, I ask…. When is the last time you’ve cut some things… some folks…. some habits, out of your life so you can grow as a person, as a professional, entrepreneur, writer, wife, husband, etc.

More often than not, it's hard for us to cut things away when it's been a part of us for so long. However, I will tell you... staying connected to dead things will keep you in a very dry & unhealthy place. Prune your tree and allow yourself to grow new, healthier, stronger branches.

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