Baseball is my love and has been a large part of my life.  So, I often think in terms of baseball. Step up to the plate with me....

When a player is at the plate about to bat, his ultimate goal is to swing that bat & put a score on the board. Period.... Whether with a base hit, a home run or even a sacrifice.... the ultimate goal is to score. That batter bases every thing he does at the plate on reaching that goal. His stance… His Swing… His superstitions, etc.

So, as you step up to the plate with me, my question to you is... What are your goals for 2020? And if you don’t have goals, what do you base your decisions on? Decisions like who comes in and out of your life. Decisions like where you spend your time & money…. What you say yes to… what you say no to.

Here's the thing... a good hitter won’t just swing at any 'ol pitch thrown his way. If it’s not going to help you achieve your goal & score in life, why are you swinging? Step up to the plate.... Keep your eye on the ball and make your every decision based on your goals for this year. Reserve your swing for ONLY those balls in life that move you closer to your destiny. KNOCK IT OUTTA THE PARK IN 2020, FRIENDS!


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