Vision is the genesis (the starting point) for all greatness. Well….. Greatness is engineered in the mind. Is your mind available to create greatness?Your mind should be a breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and ideas. Your mind should be a place you can go to dream and build and create. However, many of you can’t enjoy that freedom to create greatness because your mind is cluttered with nonsense… stuff that doesn’t matter… drama, unhealthy relationships, etc. Here’s the thing…. You have to protect your mental space just as you do your living space. You wouldn’t let somebody just walk up in your house and take your TV.  So, why would you let someone rob you of your mind?? It’s ok to look at your phone and say, “Not today satan”. It is not a crime to be unavailable occasionally… especially if you know somebody is coming with that extra. At all cost, protect declutter your mind and free up mental space for greatness sake.

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