Seasons are a part of nature... they’re a part of life. Seasons change... EVERY LIVING THING CHANGES. (Or else it’s a breathing being that is DEAD... but with all the potential to live.  

To EVERYTHING there is a season.... and you do not want to arrive at a particular season before time. Because if you’re not in season … then you’re what? Not in the will. And if you’re not in the will, you have no grace for the place.  

I used to always say,  'I wanna make enough money to change my climate with one flight'. And ayyyyye... I Do! That works for me in the natural. However, it’s not quite that easy in the spirit.  

So no matter the season you’re in in your life..... don’t rush through and miss your current season... End up out there on your own... No covering. No blessing. No grace. Cause those three... covering, blessing,  and grace make things sooo much easier when the season is right. 

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