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To my men out there raising daughters...You're either the man she's gonna look for or the man she's gonna settle for. Every little girl... every young lady wants to hear that she's beautiful. Don't let your daughter hear those words for the first time from the mouth of a knucklehead.
Her first date?? It needs to be with you, daddy. I don't care if she's three or 13; TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER ON DATES! Open the door for her. Pull out her chair for her. If you don't live in the household with your daughter, don't just sit in the car and call inside for her to come out. Walk to the door and be there ON TIME.

Here's the thing, fellas, you set the standard for what she's going to expect when she actually does go out on a date. Better yet... YOU ARE THE STANDARD... good or bad. Keep that in mind and SHOW her how she should be treated and help her set her standards early.

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