The Marine Corps Ball at Camp Pendleton in November could turn into a red carpet event with tons of stars in attendance. The Marines decided to invite celebrities as their dates. They used You Tube to get their message across. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have already accepted invitations. Now Miley Cyrus is being asked to attend the ball as the date of PFC Hart. Check out the video invitation.Betty White turned down Sergeant Ray Lewis's invite but Terminator star Linda Hamilton stepped up and offered to go in her own YouTube video. In her video Linda said, "Now, I'm no Betty White...but please take me to the ball, please, please, Ray. Call me." The video is hilarious! It starts out with clips of her working out in the Terminator movie. Remember how kick-butt in shape she was. Well guess what? She still looks great!

Here is the Marine Rapper's video invitation to Betty White. The guy is a bit of a comedian too.

Here is the invite to Justin Timberlake:

This is the invite that started it all. Mila Kunis is invited to the ball by joe-cool Sgt. Scott Moore:

NEWS FLASH! Taylor Swift has now been asked to go to the Ball too. Marine Frank Salsito (sp?) is one nervous cookie and didn't bring much game in his video invite but maybe Taylor will take pity and say yes.


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