Walmart is rolling out a new feature that is making me question my Amazon Prime membership.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the retail giant is starting their new home delivery service called Walmart Plus and it is definitely going to be a pain in the side of Amazon.


Both, Walmart Plus and Amazon offer the same type of service, but Walmart Plus is at a slight advantage out of the gate as their annually price is $98 whereas Amazon Prime's annual membership is $119.

Ok, so let's break down the two.

They both have same day delivery for orders $35 or more, but Walmart is offering savings at the gas pump for 2,000 of their fuel stations while Amazon doesn't offer those services. Good move, Walmart Plus!

Another thing Walmart is doing is something I usually do while shopping at Sam's Club is using their Scan-and-Go feature which allows me to scan as I shop and pay without getting into a checkout line which works for me when I just going in for a few items.

However, Amazon does while Walmart only has 160,000, but I wouldn't let that cloud my judgement and you can sign up for Walmart Plus for a FREE 15-day trial.

I'm an Amazon Prime chick, BUTI'm definitely giving Walmart Plus a try. This will definitely be a game changer for many, especially around the holiday season.

Walmart Plus will be available to the public on Tuesday (September 15th).


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