The Texarkana Arkansas School District proudly announces Ms. Emmie Jo Gamble as the Arkansas High School Distinguished Alumna.

Emmie Jo Jones Gamble graduated from the Texarkana Arkansas School District (TASD) as valedictorian of the Booker T. Washington High School (BTWHS) class of 1957. She is a 1961 cum laude graduate of A.M. & N. College, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a 1982 cum laude graduate of East Texas State University-Texarkana with a Master of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Mrs. Gamble is a retired mathematics teacher and former business owner. She taught mathematics for 33 years on the college and high school levels.


One of Mrs. Gamble’s most noteworthy achievements was being appointed in 1977 by Governor Pryor to the Southern Arkansas University Board of Trustees, where she served for seven years and had the distinction of being the first Black woman to serve on the board and the first woman to serve as chairman of the board. She was awarded an Arkansas State Certificate of Merit by Governor David Pryor for her service.Other honors include:

  • Being one of 100 Outstanding Women in Arkansas by the Arkansas Women’s Press
  • Receiving Texarkana’s Woman of the Year Award
  • Being named Texarkana Alumnae’s Delta Soror of the Year and Arkansas State Delta of the Year.
  • Being an honoree of the Phi Beta Sigma/Zeta Phi Beta’s Tribute to African American Women
  • Recipient of the NAACP Business Award
  • Recipient of Tri-School Alumni’s Achievement Award
  • Recipient of the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Phenomenal Mom Award
  • Recipient of the Iota Phi Lambda Southwestern Region Woman of The Year award.

Four generations of Emmie’s family have been educated in TASD. Congratulations Ms. Emma Jo Jones Gamble!

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