It's the NBA (No Bullying Allowed) final draft and G.A.P Ministries has their top draft picks ready to go on Sunday October 28 Bullying Prevention

Isssssa NBA Prayze Party and you are invited to come out learn and join all the fun at TCI Church located at 1111 Hazel St. Texarkana, TX while we put bullying on the bench for good.
Top draft picks for the evening include:T.A.B. (Taking Action Against Bullying) founder, Bess Gamble-Williams; LaRonda Bailey, Brynn Baker, Dr. Brandon Thurston (LE Principal); songbird, Emoni; rap duo, Dreams Come True; Marcayla Montgomey, and Brandy Ross and Company.
 Earmon Anderson, Founder of G.A.P. Ministries, had the following to say about bullying:
Bullies use their power (real or perceived) to intentionally and repeatedly harm others perceived to be less powerful.
He also broke down the purpose behind the event. He said the N.B.A. Prayze Party's mission is to:

1.  Teach How RECOGNIZE  Bullying

Everybody must be able to recognize Bullying

2. Teach how to REPORT Bullying.

A child or adult must be able to safely report incidents of bullying, knowing when to report, how to report, and where to report. People must know that they will be heard and that you will back them up.

3. Teach how to RESPOND to Bullying.

Everybody must know how to respond when they witness bullying.

4. Teach How to REFUSE bullying.

Help victims of bullying learn how to refuse; otherwise victimization continues.
 One does  this by teaching specific assertive skills.

5. REPLACE Current Beliefs or Behavior to Bullying

Teach bullies how to act differently—how to be kind.

6. Develop empathy, conscience, and self-control (anger management) in bullies.

The event is absolutely free. Door prizes will be given away. The first 100 guest will get free pizza and the first 50 youth will get an "Emoni's Goodie Bag" from the "We Matter" singer, herself.

For more information, contact Earmon Anderson on Facebook or email

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