Today is National Fried Chicken Day!! And let's face it... we loooooove some fried chicken! Chicken at the family reunion... Chicken after the funeral... Chicken for rehearsal dinner. Needless to say, where there are two or more gathered, a good box of Super 1 chicken is in the mist! I swear my great grandmother is in heaven right now frying up a leg or two for St Paul and Peter. She made the absolute best fried chicken! Hands down. Colonel who? She used a cast iron skillet that could be used as a deadly weapon on any day of the week. No matter how often I watched her, I could never perfect the recipe.

With her in heaven frying chicken for Jesus and 'em, I'm forced to get my fried chicken fix today at a restaurant. So, on this National Fried Chicken Day, I want to know what is your favorite fried chicken place?




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