Today is National Voter's Registration Day, and I encourage everyone who reads this to get registered to vote. 

If you can't get registered today, definitely get registered before October 9, as it is the last day to get registered.

This is a very vital election, and it has been proven that when we show up and vote, a difference is made. As a result of people coming to the polls, Massachusetts will send Ayanna Pressley, their first African American female to Congress who, in the democratic primary, beat out her opponent who had represented the district for two decades.  Ms Pressley's victory comes two months after a similar win against a 10-term opponent by 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York. ALL DO TO PEOPLE SHOWING UP TO THE POLLS.

Ladies, always keep in mind that it wasn't til 1920 that we were even able to vote. And fellas, even though the 15th amendment gave African American males the right to vote, the promise wasn't fully granted until nearly a century later. It's not only your right, it's your duty to those who paved the way for you to have the right to vote.

Click below to get registered to vote today!


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