The beautiful thing about culture is its uniqueness. Netflix has catered to the specific culture and subcultures of its subscribers.  I have an appreciation for ALL "good" film regardless.. ... but it's something about a movie centered around my particular culture and ethnicity that speaks to my spirit.

Below is a list of new black flicks on Netflix:

The Player's Club (4/1)

Nailed It: Season 4 (4/1)

Cadillac Records (4/1)

Lethal Weapon 1-4 (4/1)

School Daze (4/1)

Soul Plane (4/1)

Coffee & Kareem (4/3)

LA Originals (4/10)

The Main Event (4/10)

Outer Banks (4/15)

Sprinter (4/15)

#BlackAF (4/17)

Djanago Unchained (4/25)

Dangerous Lies (4/30)




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