A new restaurant called "Flying Burger & Seafood" opened yesterday in Texarkana on Summerhill Road.

For the first time since I moved here, a new restaurant has come to town and didn't result in traffic backed up two miles down the road. Why not? Because the new restaurant has an abundance of parking. There's also plenty space on the inside for dining. The open layout and color scheme kind of reminds me of the "Happy Days diner. Ya'll remember the Fonz , Potsey, and Ritchie Cunningham nem... :)

The menu, of course, is my absolute favorite part. It boasts a large selection of burgers, fish, tacos, fried and boiled seafood (crab legs and shrimp), salads, and baskets. None of that suit your palate's desire?? No problem! The menu also offers Cajun dishes like gumbo, po boys and fried crawfish tails. Most fast food menus only give you a choice of fries or onion rings. NOT this restaurant. They have sides like fried green tomatoes, mustard greens, new potatoes, grilled squash and zucchini along with regular sides like fresh cut fries.

Go check them out. Obviously you'll find SOMETHING on the menu, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. At least I wasn't when I ate at the Longview location. Other locations include: El Dorado, Arkansas, Caddo/Valley/Arkadelphia, Ruston, Louisiana, and Longview, Texas.


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