It has finally happened! The downtown Texarkana Courthouse Square is finished and open. There is one more act of business that still needs to take place before it is official. It needs to have an official Ribbon Cutting from the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce.

All The Great Improvements

Have you been downtown yet to see the new Courthouse Square?  I've driven down there and it is beautiful with all the green areas and the brick road area and accents too. Texarkana is revitalizing downtown and it is so great to finally see this happen in our town.  The new Courthouse Square has room to host some different activities or events which is a good thing because there will be loads going on at the ribbon-cutting.


Texakana USA
Texakana USA

The Ceremony, Food and High School Bands

The special ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on Friday, October 29 beginning at 11:30 AM. bring an appetite because there will be food trucks there with delicious food for purchase plus local high school bands will be performing too. Make sure to plan on spending your lunch hour downtown and enjoy the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the brand new Courthouse Square.  The Texarkana Courthouse Square is located at 500 North State Line Avenue in Texarkana U.S.A.

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