Are you one of those people who makes New Year's resolutions, but find it hard to keep them? That's probably one of the main reasons why I don't bother to make them. I just work on life changes year-round and refreshen, refine and renew at the beginning of the year. However, I don't knock those who do, and I want to make sure THIS year you are successful in seeing your New Year's resolutions through to manifestation.

Below are some New Year's Resolution Manifestation Hacks suggested to help ensure your success in 2019:

1. Write down all of your goals that you want to accomplish for 2019.

2. Go to your voice recorder

3. Record all of your goals in your voice saying "I am," "I have" present tense language.

4. Listen to your list every night falling asleep.

5. Start TODAY!

Best wishes and blessings to you all year long, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

-Your Best Friend At Work

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