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Great games this past weekend, very entertaining and hard fought... now it's prediction time, who do you think will make it to Super Bowl XLVI?

This is going to make some folks around here mad at me but since I don't officially have a dog in this fight anymore, I'm not thinking with my heart at all. These are strictly from my pea-brain y'all!





This coming weekend January 14 & 15:

Broncos vs. Patriots = Pats win
Texans vs. Ravens = Texans victory

Saints vs. 49'ers = Saints win
Gianst vs. Packers = Packers victorious

Conference Championships - January 22:

Patriots vs. Texans = Patriots win it
Saints vs. Packers = Packers victory

Super Sunday - February 5th:

Patriots vs. Packers = Packers win it all!

That's how I see the rest of the season, how do you see it?

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