With all of the high flying tosses, the spins and the flips of college cheerleading it is probably one of the most difficult "sports", and hard to do on two legs. Now imagine how tough it would be to those stunts on one leg.

Congratulations to Patience Beard, the 18-year-old lost her left leg to an illness when she was a baby. But she's never let her lack of a limb hold her back, and this year she was one of only five freshmen to make the University of Arkansas cheerleading squad.

Jean Naill, the cheerleading coach, says sympathy for her condition had nothing to do with her selection.  Nail explained,

"We expect the same from her that we expect of everyone else. No more, no less."

Patience says her parents taught her to never makes excuses, and she wouldn't want it any other way. She said,

Everyone goes through obstacles, the people who feel good about themselves are the ones who go for their dreams."

In fact, Beard says the most difficult part about being a one-legged cheerleader is choosing how to decorate her prosthetic leg.

Lately she has been going with a zebra stripe pattern. Which means the athlete who has overcome so much to seamlessly fit in will still stand out come game day.


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