If you missed last weeks big race, watch the video right now.

Big Al messed up again and this time it resulted in him cleaning up diarrhea. If you missed his story, get on kiddnation.com to hear it!
We opened up the phone lines for "Does That Make Me Crazy". One member of Kidd Nation mows his lawn completely naked and another loves getting bit by fire ants!

Plus, we gave away even more money with Beat the Bank. Loriann made it all the way and is now $1000 richer and Harry Barber won $450, too.


Beat the Bank lives to see another day. Make sure you are signed up on kiddnation.com for your shot at winning up to $1000 at 7:20 and 8:20 CT!

Tomorrow is Wednesday so that means Love Letters to Kellie. Kellie will be here to save the day, just submit that love letter on kiddnation.com!

And, we will open up those phone lines because we want to chat with you Kidd Nation! Give us a call when we do Whatever Wednesday!



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