Clear up your mind space for the things that truly matter.

We’re embarking on a brand new year.... 2020 is around the corner.  Unfortunately bag lady/gentleman if you don’t lighten your load, you won’t have room to receive what the new year has to offer. Everybody wants boasts "New Year New Me" Well not necessarily if your mind isn't new. Take inventory of your mental space. What do you spend the majority of your time thinking about? Does it pay you? Does it move you closer to your goals and aspirations? Does it grow you? Is it divinely connected to you?

Going into the new year it’s time to go get it and come back with it... whatever your "IT" may be.. your peace, your bag, your joy, your business, your education. You don’t have time or mental space for foolery in 2020. Remember… What you look at longest becomes strongest. What are you looking at?

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