President Trump has called out Jay-Z at a recent campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

During Trump's rally in Scranton, Pa. on Monday (Nov. 2), just one day before the general election tomorrow (Nov. 3), he criticized Hov for his expletive-laced performance at Hillary Clinton's campaign rally back in 2016. Scranton is also the city that Trump's opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, is from.

"They got Beyonsee and they got Jay-Z," the president says while mispronouncing Beyoncé's name. Then, Trump recalls Jay's performance. "He started using the f-word, you remember," Trump continues. "He was using the f-word, f-word, f-word."

Donald Trump is referring to Jay and Bey's headlining performance at Clinton's Ohio rally during her run for presidency. Hov performed songs like "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and "Run This Town" (sans Rihanna and Kanye West) and "Clique" with Big Sean (and no Kanye).

The current POTUS spoke of Jay-Z's performance shortly after it took place, too. According to CNN, Trump said at the time, "He used every word in the book last night. He used language last night that was so bad and then Hillary said, 'I did not like Donald Trump's lewd language.' My lewd language. I tell you what, I've never said what he said in my life."

Speaking of Trump mentioning rappers, he praised Lil Wayne over the weekend following Weezy vocalizing his support for Trump's reelection. While talking with reporters outside the White House on Friday (Oct. 30), Trump said, "[Lil Wayne] wanted a meeting. He's a really nice guy. Really an activist in a very positive way. And he asked for a meeting and we had the meeting. And, as you saw, the meeting went very well."

Jay-Z hasn't responded to Trump's criticism.

Check out the performances at Hillary Clinton's campaign concert featuring Jay-Z below.

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