You're chance to comment on a proposed Texarkana area highway project is winding down.

Citizens have until Friday, Aug. 10, to submit comments or take an online survey for the route study to upgrade US 59 to interstate highway standards between Texarkana and Queen City.

Two open house meetings were held last month in Texarkana and Queen City to introduce the public to the route study and gather information from citizens about their opinions on the proposed upgrades.

Information about the study and an opportunity to submit comments and take a survey about the project can be found by logging on to the Texas Department of Transportation website and searching the keywords “US 59 Texarkana-Queen City Route Study.”

This is a small part of a much larger Highway plan to upgrade Highway 59 to Interstate standards from deep South Texas all the way to our area.

You're thoughts and comments are welcomed by the Texas Department of Transportation.



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