While R. Kelly is in jail waiting to be tried on federal sex crime-related charges and bribery, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, two of the singer's girlfriends, got into a fight that was captured on camera.

According to a TMZ report published on Wednesday (Jan. 8), Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary started fighting in R. Kelly’s Chicago apartment. According to the website, Clary was on Instagram Live collecting her belongings with the intent to move out of the residence when Savage entered the room to confront her.

In the video, Clary is seen recording Savage who appears to be upset that she’s in Kelly's apartment. “You’re evil,” she tells Clary. Suddenly, as the two are arguing, Savage approaches Clary and, out of camera view, takes a swing at her before an all-out fight erupts and Clary loses her phone.

With Clary's phone on the ground, the audio picks up the two women fighting aggressively in the background. At one point, we can hear a woman scream before someone intervenes and breaks up the fight.

In another video, Clary appears to have retrieved her phone and goes on IG Live while talking to the police about her fight with Savage. While talking to authorities, Clary boldly claimed on camera that Joycelyn “slept with a minor, and that minor was me.” Clary also expressed that she wants to press charges against Savage "immediately."

Clary also was reportedly taken to the hospital for evaluation. Meanwhile, Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, told TMZ that he has a written statement from Kelly that states she never had sex with him when she was underage. He also added that he feels the fight was staged to gain popularity on social media.

In another video about the fight and R. Kelly, Clary says she's previously lied on Kelly's behalf. “Rob has been lying to all of y’all," affirms Clary, who lived alongside Kelly and Savage in the past and defended him during an interview with Gayle King last year. "And that’s the sad part about it. He’s been lying to y’all asses and had people like me lying for him. And that’s why we never watched the documentary.”

You can watch the fight below as well as Azriel Clary explaining how the fight began in the first place.

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