The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is conducting the Field portion of its Hunters Education Course this Saturday in Texarkana. You better know before you go.

According to the information available through the TPWD website, the Internet + Field Course is ideal for those under 17 years of age and adults wanting a more hands-on field and live-fire experience during the basic course. They recommend younger students be accompanied by an adult during the field course.

The certification process is in two parts:

  • Online Course: Complete the FREE TPWD on NRA online course option.
  • Field Course: Attend a course with a TPWD-certified instructor.

The online portion of the course is free, we have the link below, and you must complete the online portion before you take the field portion of the program.

Southwest Center on W 7th St in Texarkana Texas
Southwest Center on W 7th St in Texarkana Texas

The fee for the Field Course is $15.00. Payments can be made to the Instructor the day of the Field Course. The Field Course will take place this Saturday, September 10 from 10 AM until 2 PM at the Southwest Center in Texarkana, Texas. The Center is located at 3222 W. 7th St.

Your Instructors name will be Daniel Kessler.

Old gone hunting sign.


Free Online courses include TPWD and NRA. For TPWD, please print out the results of the FINAL QUIZ. For NRA, please print off the Field Course Voucher. Both allow you entry to an approved Field Course. Be sure to register for your field course prior to taking the online course. 


The Field Course is typically completed in about 4 hours, minimum, including a discussion of ethics, a skills course and live-fire exercises. You must pre-register for this course, preferably before you complete the free online course.

You must bring the quiz results from the online course with you the day of the field course. Be sure you print those out and bring them with you.

Do this first, Register for the Field Course here.

Then, here is the link for the TPWD free online course.

Silhouette of men on the hunting

Mid America Flight Museum - Mt Pleasant, Texas

Open: Saturday from 8 AM until noon.
Admission: FREE

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