Besides more money for gas these days, does it feel like you are giving up a leg, arm, or both just to survive in the concrete jungle? I mean, after all, you have to have a sense of humor just to get through your day.

I was doing some traveling this weekend in Arkansas and I noticed how drastically the gas prices changed from Texarkana to Little Rock. There was probably a 30-cent to 40-cent price difference from the time I left Texarkana and arrived in Little Rock. Texarkana had the highest price of gasoline compared to the Little Rock area. As a matter of fact, I saw an article last week that said of all Texas cities, Texarkana was ranked second in high gas prices. Why do I not find that hard to believe?

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But as of Monday, Arkansas is still well below the national average of $4.92 per gallon, of course, this seems to change daily. Diesel fuel is at an all-time high of $5.68 per gallon on average. Arkansans are now on average paying $4.45 across much of the state which is a new record.

You can thank your lucky stars people in California are paying on average right now $6.37 per gallon. If you have an economy vehicle it may cost more to fill up your vehicle but not like filling up a full-size pickup truck or SUV. That's where the pain at the pump begins. I have a pickup truck and it used to cost me about 60 dollars to fill up, now it's right around $120.

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According to AAA gas prices will continue to rise across the state. So, I guess the question remains if gas prices go over $5.00 will you stop traveling as much or not? From the looks of the traffic, I saw this weekend I'm not so sure. Carpooling doesn't look too bad now!

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