Rick Ross was breathing hard and coughing up blood during his medical emergency at his home in Davie, Fla., last week. Police released the frantic 911 call that Ross’ friend made after the Miami rapper suffered what appears to be a seizure.

The audio (courtesy of TMZ) features a male caller talking to the 911 operator about Ross’ condition. Apparently, another friend discovered Ross on the floor drifting in and out of consciousness.

“We’re trying to wake him up,” the caller tells the 911 operator. “He’s breathing hard. His name’s William Roberts (Rick Ross’s real name) and I need an ambulance ASAP."

“He was throwing up. I know he’s had seizures before. He took his medicine earlier but he’s not breathing right,” he continued.

During the four-minute call, the caller describes Ross' medical emergency and then tries to figure out Ross’ address. The male caller also told the operator that Ross vomited "light blood" and was in a cold sweat, breathing hard and "shaking really bad." He manages to get Ross sitting up but the rapper was still out of it. “You all right, help’s on the way," the caller tells Ross.

Ross was released from the hospital early Monday (March 5) after spending last weekend in the ICU for an unknown heart condition. The exact reason for his hospitalization has not been officially explained. However, at one point, Ross was put on ECMO, which assists in heart and lung functions.

On Thursday (March 8), the 42-year-old rhyme-slinger went on Instagram and posted a photo of himself from behind holding a bottle of Luc Belaire rosé, a brand he promotes heavily in his music. "Ain’t nothing like home. I love y’all,” he wrote in the caption.

The Maybach Music Group mogul has a history of seizures, suffering two within a six-hour-period in 2011. Since then, Ross has been balancing exercise with healthy snacks and dropping a lot of weight.

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