The story of Corey Patrick, a determined Birmingham teen whose journey to graduation was more difficult than most, has captured the attention of radio host and comedian, Rickey Smiley. 

Patrick family doesn't own a car, so for the past year, Patrick woke up at 4 a.m. to walk to the bus stop to go to school after he moved out of the school zone. Determined to finish school with his friends, he woke up at 4 a.m. in order to be at the bus stop by 5:10 a.m. to catch the bus to Tarrant School District. 

Patrick's family fell on hard times and had to move outside the school district, which is why his journey to school was so long. A Max bus happened to catch the young man on video in his graduation gown catching the bus. The video went viral and grabbed the attention of Rickey Smiley, who said, "Corey is the definition of determination!"

In Rickey Smiley's interview with Corey Patrick, Smiley became emotional when talking about the struggle and committed of the high school senior and announced on live radio that he was buying Corey car for graduation. Well, that's just what he did, and presented him with a Jeep at the 95.7 Jamz studio.

Watch the video of Rickey gifting Corey a jeep for graduation.

Patrick has since received a full scholarship to Jacksonville University. All he needed was a chance, and because of Rickey Smilley he not only has a chance, he has a hand up to a successful future.


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