Safety features in the form of texturized center lines and shoulders will be added to 13 area highways during coming months.

This according to plans approved in April by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

“We are looking at installing texturized pavement methods to center line areas of these highways to help prevent crossover crashes and along the shoulders to prevent run-off-the-road crashes,” said Rebecca Wells, director of Traffic Operations for TxDOT in Atlanta.  “The texturized pavement methods make noise when vehicle tires run over them, alerting drivers that they are getting out of their traffic lane.”

Stripe-A-Zone of Grand Prairie was awarded the contract for the construction on these projects with a bid of $1.1 million.

Work on the projects should begin in July of this year and take about three months to complete, Wells said.

Highways scheduled to receive the improvements are


County Highway Limits Miles
Bowie US 259

From: Oklahoma State Line

To: US 82

Bowie FM 558

From: FM 2516

To: 3.6 miles south of FM 2516

Bowie FM 2148

From: US 67

To: I-30

Bowie FM 3287

From: Presley Road

To: FM 989

Camp FM 2454

From: FM 556

To:  Upshur County Line

Cass SH 77

From: FM 250

To: FM 2065

Cass SH 43

From: FM 248

To: Marion County Line

Harrison FM 134

From: FM 1999

To: FM 1998

Marion FM 3001

From: Harrison County Line

To: FM 726

Morris FM 997

From: FM 144

To: 3.8 miles south of FM 144

Panola SH 315

From: Rusk County Line

To: US 79

Titus US 67

From: Franklin County Line

To: US 271

Upshur FM 2454

From: Camp County Line

To: FM 2088