Passion can not be silenced. One thing we all know about Sandra Bland is that she was very passionate, and HBO is keeping that passion alive in film with the "Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland Documentary" set to premiere on HBO December 3.

Ten days after the death of Sandra Bland, filmmakers Kate Davis and David Heilbroner began working closely with family's legal team, tracking the two-year battle between Sandra's aggrieved family and Texas authorities. According to HBO, the film captures disturbing, never-before-told details about the case,and is accented by Sandra’s own passionate and moving commentary. [VIDEO BELOW]

Filmakers got very closely acquainted with Bland on a personal level by intensely reviewing approximately 30 "Sandy Speaks" Vlogs, which Sandy Created herself. The videos address subjects anywhere from educating kids about black history to police brutality to the importance of natural hair. [VIDEO BELOW]

Say Her Name takes viewers deep inside a story that galvanized activists across the country. Below watch a clip from the documentary.


BACKGROUND: Sandra Bland, a politically active 28-year-old African American who, after being arrested for a traffic violation in a small Texas town, was found hanging in her jail cell three days later. Dashcam footage revealing her arrest went viral, leading to national protests.

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