Authorities are teaming up with area schools to make the environment safer.

Due to the horrific events that has occurred recently involving school shootings the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, in conjunction with the Texarkana Arkansas School District, is launching “See Something, Say Something” campaign to heighten awareness of potential threats against our children and in our schools.

Its simple, if you see or hear something that allude to a possibly dangerous or harmful circumstance, call and report it.  With the community working together both inside and outside of our school walls we can assure our childrens’ safety.

To report suspicious activity, contact your TAPD at 903-798-3130. Describe specifically what you observed, including:

      • Who or what you saw;
      • When you saw it;
      • What you heard;
      • Where it occurred; and
      • Why it's suspicious.

If there is an emergency call 9–1–1. TAPD supports a strong emphasis on school safety by actively patrolling our school campuses, responding and following up on any suspicious information received, conducting annual active shooter training, and possessing a strong working relationship with TASD security.

TAPD currently continues to seek out measures to heighten and strengthen security for our children to provide them a save learning environment.

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