If you are doing the deed inside your car inside your garage with no one around, who's gonna know? Is that illegal? The short answer is, no. If performing the same act outside of your garage, where people can see you, it can get a bit more complicated. 

If only there were a short answer. What it comes down to is where you are, the state and local laws that apply, and how visible you are to others. Also if the "others" that see you are offended by your actions and turn you in. That's when more than your wicket is going to be sticky.

Technically speaking, it is against the law in the State of Arkansas to have sexual relations publicly.

Busted - Canva
Busted - Canva

The law reads:

Section 5-14-111 - Public sexual indecency (a) A person commits public sexual indecency if he or she engages in any of the following acts in a public place or public view: (1) An act of sexual intercourse; (2) An act of deviate sexual activity; or (3) An act of sexual contact.

But again, we're talking in full view of others. If you do, "do it", in front of others, whether it's at a park, on the side of the road, in a room with the blinds open with people walking by... etc. Then a little thing called "Indecent Exposure" kicks in.


According to WomansLaw.org, the following is from the Arkansas Statutes:

5-14-112. Indecent exposure
(a) A person commits indecent exposure if, with the purpose to arouse or gratify a sexual desire of himself or herself or of any other person, the person exposes his or her sex organs:

(1) In a public place or in public view; or

(2) Under circumstances in which the person knows the conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm.

(b)(1) Except as provided in subdivisions (b)(2) and (b)(3) of this section, indecent exposure is a Class A misdemeanor.

(2) For a fourth or fifth conviction within ten (10) years of a previous conviction, indecent exposure is a Class D felony.

(3) For a sixth conviction and each successive conviction within ten (10) years of a previous conviction, indecent exposure is a Class C felony.

Just in case you were wondering, Breast Feeding in public is not considered Indecent Exposure in Arkansas.

As stated above, Indecent Exposure in Arkansas comes under the heading of a Class A Misdemeanor.

attachment-We see you - canva
We see you - canva

What Is The Fine For That?

 A Class A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

So, there you have it, doing "it" in public in the Great State of Arkansas can get you not only a pretty hefty fine, but up to a year in jail as well. Probably a good idea to keep everything buttoned up until you get home.

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