Shonda Rhimes revealed 8 new shows she plans on giving a home at #Netflix!

After the announcement that Rhimes had signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, we never really heard any follow-up. Then BOOM! She reveals Shondaland 2.0, which will have a lot of something for everybody!

Via NYTimes:



In an interview with the New York Times on Friday, Rhimes revealed information about her upcoming projects for Netflix.
Here are six of the shows that Rhimes and her producing partners are creating:

•    One about con artist, Anna Delvey, who scammed her way through New York’s high-end society. Her story was featured in the New Yorker in May. Rhimes bought the rights to the story and began to write immediately.

•    An adaptation of Isabel Wilkerson’s award-winning 2010 book The Warmth of Other Suns about The Great Migration.
•    Pico & Sepulveda: Not much information was given on this show set in California during the 1840s, which at the time was Mexico, that takes place during the Mexican-American War.

•    The Residence, based on the 2015 book that documented the personal lives of “United States presidents, their families and White House staff,” per the Times.

•    A documentary called Hot Chocolate Nutcracker focused on her frequent Grey’s Anatomy collaborator Debbie Allen and her version of the iconic ballet.

•     Sunshine Scouts, which Rhimes  described to the Times as a “darkly comic, ironic, twisty show about some foul-mouthed teenage girls who are trapped at the end of the world.”

I'm super excited about this upcoming adventure in Shondaland! Lord knows we all enjoyed the first one.


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