This morning, Wednesday, May 26,  if you are traveling on I-30 in the Texarkana area you can expect delays as the Department of Public Safety and the Texarkana Texas Police are investigating and working a single-vehicle fatality crash involving an 18 wheeler on westbound Interstate 30 near the Texas rest area.

This will cause delays on both sides of the interstate and around the St. Michael Drive area for most of the morning. Avoid this area if at all possible this morning. You’re gonna want to avoid this area for a while.

The Texarkana Police Department also wants to remind us about all the rain we had overnight and as we are under a Flash Flood Warning please be aware that there are some flooded areas on roads around town. According to the Texarkana Texas Police Facebook Page:

It’s primarily the ones where we usually have problems after a lot of rain, such as W. 7th Street at the KCS Railroad underpass, 40th and Potomac, Summerhill at Galleria Oaks, etc. Several of these places now are barricaded to keep people from trying to drive through, but you might come across one with standing water that isn’t. If you do, please turn around and find another way to get to wherever you’re going.
Remember: if you see water coving the road, Turn-Around. Don't Drown!.
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