It's the weekend, baby! Official Kidd Nation DJ Eddie Deville out of Houston, TX helped us

kick off the show and the weekend with Flush the Format!

J-Si shared a moment with us about his son Cason that he said would never forget. If you missed the story about the sweet thing Cason did for his classmate, head over to now!

Plus, we made another dream come true! Tina is newly widowed and needs help sorting through all of her memories so we hooked her up with two professional organizers from Get Organized!

The Snapchat Bachelor contestant taglines are posted below. Have you seen them yet?

Next week we'll have another edition of Kellie's favorite game, Match Game.

We'll give you some insight on some of the hottest and most interesting crowd funding opportunities with Fund-Do or Fund-Don't!

And, "I Have a Dream" continues! Let us know how we can make your dreams come true at!

If you missed the last live show of 2016, load it up and listen right now at



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