OK, this might seem silly to some, but when you want soft butter instead of hard butter to spread on whatever you want to spread butter on, there's actually an easy way to do that.

According to this guy, the "One Pot Chef," all you have to do is put a warm glass over the butter. That sounds almost a little too easy but I'm going to try it.

Just cut off the portion of butter you plan to use and place it on it's own plate. Then take a glass that can fit over the butter and fill it with hot water, leave it in there for a minute or so then empty the water and quickly dry the glass, then place the glass over the butter for a minute or so until it's just right for spreading.

I'm not sure how this works exactly other than just radiated heat but according to this guy, it does.

Have you ever used this method? Do you know of any other ways of softening butter that you think might work better? Let us know below.