Chances are if you have ever eaten at Three Chicks Feed, Seed and Cafe then you have met Nekie Price. Nekie waits tables, preps, cooks and is the all-round right hand person for Ms. Julie making everything run smooth.

Nekie has run into some bad luck recently and it has knocked her out of commission for at least a month. While carrying a pot of boiling water the other day she tripped, fell and ended up with severe burns on her face and chest. She is seeing a burn specialist but his office is in Plano. Nekie has already undergone one surgery and more will be coming. Since she is the only provider for herself and two children this is going to be a difficult time indeed.

One of the places she works is Three Chicks Feed, Seed and Cafe and they have organized at Spaghetti Supper this Saturday night at the Cafe on Genoa Rd at S. Rondo Rd. (see the map below). The Supper runs from 4 - 6:30PM, the suggested contribution is $10 per dinner, you can certainly give more if you want to.

Some of the areas best bakers are also donating cakes, cookies, cup cakes and such for the bake sale. So bring your wallet, grab some dinner and a wonderful dessert and help out Nekie.

If you can't make it to the spaghetti supper this Saturday and would like to help anyway, please consider a donation to Nekie's GoFundMe page to help with those medical bills. Just click on the link and give as much as you can.

Thank you and please keep Nekie and her family in your prayers.

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