Spring Lake Park is one of the oldest parks in Texarkana. I grew up here and spent many years going to the park to feed the ducks. But in all my years I would have never imagined what it would look like with the water almost drained.

I guess I was expected to see an alligator that was rumored for many years to live under the murky waters. After all, the mascot for Spring Lake Park is a gator, so who knows.

In July 2017, the City of Texarkana, Texas in conjunction with Tatum Excavating Company worked together to drain Spring Lake Park for cleanup. The project was part of the City’s current Capital Improvement Plan and it cost approximately $875,000 to make improvements needed for the park.

Thanks to TXK Today for this excellent drone footage.

Spring Lake Park has been a part of Texarkana history since 1916 and in 2016, the park celebrated its 100th year anniversary. That's a lot of memories such as the zoo, the drinking spring, whereas a young kid my dad would take me there to fill up some jugs of water, and who could forget the go-kart track. The concrete tracks still remain today. The Four States Fair & Rodeo original home which included an old steam engine train behind the rodeo stands. All that remains now is the commercial building while the fair location was converted to ballparks many years ago.

Many generations of families including my own spent many years having picnics and playing in the playgrounds at Spring Lake Park. Of course, the park does have a bit of a dark past when a notorious serial killer in 1946, known as the Phantom Killer claimed two of its victims there a young couple.

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Despite that tragedy,  Spring Lake Park still remains one of Texarkana's favorite parks.

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