Stacey Dash, a black woman famous for loudly maligning Black History Month, is running for Congress for reasons that were unclear at press time (and shall remain so in perpetuity thereafter).

Dash, a frequently confused Fox News pundit who's adopted cool and cutting-edge views like transgender people should pee in bushes, formally set into motion a "Dash to D.C." campaign Monday (February 26), according to Entertainment Weekly, and will seek a House seat representing California’s 44th district. This includes cities like Carson, Compton, San Pedro, and Wilmington — or, in other words, areas Dionne Davenport would have likely avoided at all costs.

Dash previously hinted on February 9 that she was considering a Congressional run, noting "A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office. I wanted to see what my online community thinks of this idea as I mull the possibilities. Thoughts?"

People had negative ones, it turns out!!!

"It is not your path Sweet Stacey," one follower wrote, while another noted "People told U to have several seats. But not in political office."

But hey, if you love guns and think more of 'em will somehow stop tragedies like the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Dash just might be your girl. She offered ad hominem arguments against gun control to Fox and Friends in 2016 that have each been debunked, but do you, girl!!!

"What people don’t understand is that when they do things like [advocate for gun control] they’re stopping good American people from executing their Second Amendment right of protecting themselves and they’re making us a moving target," she said. "Because Bad guys don’t obey laws, so why pass more laws? You’re only stopping good guys from getting guns."

*slaps forehead so hard that teeth rattle*

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