Apparently Daisy Ridley has never been to Skywalker Ranch. But you could go there.

The catch? (There’s always a catch.) You have to enter the new installment of “Star Wars: Force For Change,” the saga’s frequent fundraising drive in support of Unicef and Starlight Children’s Foundation. As Disney and Lucasfilm did in the run-up to The Force Awakens, they are once again using fans’ overwhelming excitement about the new Star Wars to funnel money to good causes. And this year there are multiple grand prizes, including a walk-on role in the upcoming Han Solo movie, a ticket to the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Los Angeles, and an overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch (where, again, Daisy Ridley herself has apparently never been according to the funny video above). That trip includes a VIP tour (which includes access to the Star Wars Archives, which I have heard are insane) and a private screening of the original Star Wars.

$10 gets you 100 entries, and there are goodies you’re guaranteed to get depending on how much you donate, like iron-on patches, postcards, T-shirts, a poster set for the original Star Wars trilogy, an X-wing motorcycle helmet, Star Wars mini-busts, and a private screening of The Last Jedi for you and 20 of your less-generous nerds friends. To enter, go to, secure in the knowledge that even if you don’t win (and you almost definitely will not) you are giving to some very worthy charities.

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