I know it's hard to imagine that it's fair and rodeo time again but it is. The first night of competition during the Starz Youth Talent Show is Monday but here's the thing, you need to get signed up right now.

Submission deadline is Friday, September 11 at 5PM. So if you're reading this on Saturday, it's too late.

If you're between the ages 8 and 20, are a true amateur, meaning you don't get paid to perform your talent and really want to show off what you do, go to the page and download the forms and get them turned in -- quick.

Simply click here, read more details, download the forms, fill them out and turn them in.

Keep in mind that this is a two night competition, if you make it past Monday night, you have to be able to return Thursday night to perform again in the finals.

We're looking froward to seeing you there. Good luck.

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