To what lengths will one go to live out their dreams of actually being on the playing field with their favorite sports team?  One fan in Pittsburgh dressed up as a player to share the gridiron with his.

A man, dressed in full uniform, sneaked onto the turf practice field at Saint Vincent and joined the players for a few moments during the team stretch before practice Saturday afternoon. He was reportedly only on the field for a few minutes before he was recognized as a an imposter.

The first giveaway that he was an intruder was the fact that he hit the field rocking the number 43 which had not been worn since Troy Polamalu retired following the 2014 season. The second giveaway was him strolling out there in pads for the first day of practice with the other "teammates".

Steelers players seemed amused by the man’s diligence, and Antonio Brown laughed and talked briefly with the intruder.

The man, whose identity was not revealed, was assisted to a golf cart where he was greeted by security personnel and a policeman. After a few moments of polite conversation, the man jumped into the back of the golf cart and was whisked away from the practice field.

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