I have listeners from various races and ethnic backgrounds which I LOVE! So I’m talking to errrybody today on this Super Tuesday.  First things first, if you don’t know what Super Tuesday is.. It’s the primary election where you go to vote for who you want to see in the BIG ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.

In this very moment I want to address my minorities regarding democracy in this country.... my women, my African American & Latino family. Ladies, we couldn’t vote til 1920 with the ratification of the 19th amendment. To my African American and Latino communities... it wasn’t until the passing of the 15th amendment that we could vote.

To my Black listeners, YOU vote because it’s your right to vote. People died for your right to do so. People were beaten and even lynched for your right to be able to go to your voting location and cast your votes. You vote because people have paved the way for your convenience to vote. Whereas those who came before us had to walk several miles…. Often times JUST to get there and be told they were in the wrong place… Or they didn’t have the credentials…. Or couldn’t pass the test. And at the end of the day…. you vote  because you complain. The only folks allowed to complain are those who actually make it to the polls and vote to bring about CHANGE ! Shame on you today if you do not exercise your right to vote in the primaries on this Super Tuesday… which will determine the nominees for the BIG ELECTION in 2020!

To my Caucasian persuasion family… much love to you! We’re actually probably kin. :) We need YOUR help to encourage others who do not look like you to go out and vote. See being pro black doesn’t mean anti white. And the beauty of morals,ethics and standards when it comes to the welfare of others is that it knows no color. So on THIS day make a commitment to encourage and even help your fellow sister or brother from another mother get out to the polls. See them through the process.

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