10 Things You Didn't Know Came From Texas
There are of course many things made in the great State of Texas, from Texas Instruments to oil and gas production, cowboy hats and boots to beans and beer. Texas boasts a lot of manufactured goods that people all over the US enjoy and all over the world for that matter. But for this article we thou…
What Would You Do If You Won $10,000
Friends, if you won $10,000,b what would you do with it??  10 racks is quite a bit of money! I can think of quite a few things I'd do if I won $10,000, and it wouldn't be paying off student loans. Sorry Department of Education... I'll just continue to make payments, but I wi…
$10 Million X Prize for Real Tricorder
The BBC is reporting a new X-Prize being offered up by Qualcomm for the first person or company that can invent a real Tricorder medical scanning device similar to what was carried by medical personnel on the fictional TV show Star Trek.