Unclaimed Stimulus Checks
The IRS says as many as 9 million Americans have not claimed their coronavirus relief checks.
Those who are eligible for checks will revive a letter later this month from the IRS making them aware of their check. On Tuesday, the federal agency said the unclaimed checks mostly pertain to people who us…
The Internal Revenue Service has some useful tips to taxpayers who need to deduct losses due to floods like the one from the recent Red River flooding.
On Wednesday, the Powerball lottery reached a record $587.5 million. So far two winning tickets have been announced, one in Arizona and one in Missouri. But there's at least one more guaranteed winner: the Internal Revenue Service.
Lottery winners can take their prize in the form of a lump sum o…
Tax Myths That Could Cost You Big Money
Its crunch time as the tax deadline approaches. April 18 is coming weather you are ready for it or not. Don't fall for any of these tax myths. Here is what you need to know about filing your taxes.
Seven Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Taxes
With tax day just around the corner, the IRS is readying itself to spot this year's round of tax evaders. Given the lack of impulse control and sense of entitlement among the celebrity set (we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen), it should be no surprise that the famous and the powerful are among the …