Top 5 Thanksgiving Side-Dishes in Arkansas/Texas That Have To Go
I love Thanksgiving, I love getting together with family and friends and stuffing our faces, loosening our belts afterward, and nodding off while the Cowboys beat the heck out somebody, anybody. But as I sit here and think about the preparations for the upcoming Turkey Day I do come to the same conclusion, there are at least 5 Thanksgiving side dishes that have got to go.
End Daylight Savings?
UPDATE: I wanted to give everyone an update on the efforts to end the twice a year clock changing ritual in the state of Texas. The idea is to end daylight savings time and stay on standard time year round.
Should Bob Costas Be Fired?
Remember when ABC/ESPN/Monday Night Football let Hank Williams Jr. go after he expressed his political opinions in a totally different forum? Well shouldn't NBC/Sunday Night Football consider letting Bob Costas go for lecturing us on his political opinions about gun control actually during the game's halftime show?