Like it or not, Rachel and her many micro-braids are coming to a small screen near you! Rachel Dolezal, the "trans-black"  former NAACP Spokane, Washington branch president, now has a Netflix special, "The Rachel Divide" set to air April 27. Although every African American woman everywhere would agree that we did NOT send for her, she's back and looking for some twisted form of redemption despite how it may affect her sons. Can you say selfish?

My best friend and I watched the first clip from The Rachel Divide this week, and if the two minutes of footage we saw is indicative of the special, it's going to be a difficult watch. In the clip, Dolezal haggles with her son, Franklin about her reasons for doing the documentary and staying in the spotlight.

At one point a very frustrated Franklins asked his mother,

" Why didn't you just let it go away?"

As Dolezal tries to explain her mission of redemtion. Franklin reminds her:

 "This is gonna affect more than just your life."

The documentary is directed by filmmaker Laura Brownson, who explained her motivations for telling Dolezal's story in an interview with Vulture.

Check out the painful-to-watch clip of "The Rachel Divide below.

Unfortunately, I do not plan to watch the special in its entirety. The two minute clip was enough for me. However, when Miss Dolezal wants apologize for being misleading and lieing to the world, I will tune in for that one.

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