Every woman wants to know what a man wants, but ladies..... Do we really want to know their every thought?  The movie, "What Men Want" starring the newly Hollywood Walk Of Fame starred, Taraji P. Henson may make you second guess EVER wanting to know what men thinking. 

In the movie, Taraji's character, Ali Davis, who is a sports agent, is passed up for a very well-deserved promotion. Naturally, she begins wondering what else could she possibly need to obtain the success she desired and deserved. In her search for the answer, she enlists the help of a psychic played by Erykuh Badu who gives her a concoction to drink that suddenly allows her to hear exactly what men are thinking. Having the upper hand now, Taraji turns the tables on her obnoxious male colleagues while in hot pursuit to sign the next basketball star. But ohhhhh she was not ready for some of the things she would be privy to hearing. (trailer below ad)

Check out the trailer below:

"What Men Think" will hit theaters on Friday, February 8.

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