Nelly B/Fye Productions and the cast of "Behind the Lie II" invite you out to the Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar on Saturday, September 7, 11 AM - 3 PM.

The seminar will be held at Spring Lake park, Pavilion #3 located at 4303 N. Park Rd. in Texarkana, Texas. The day will consist of free food, live music and a wealth of information for all to enjoy. Among the guest speakers for the day are:

Yours truly..... Keeta King

Bess Gamble Williams (TAB)

Regina Navarro (Performing Arts

Doctor Kai Horn

Tameka Grady (Diva Maintenance)

Gary Hill (TK Poetry)

Tammy Drewery (Texarkana Library)

Vanessa Fields (Playwright)

Kacey Harvey ("Striving For Greatness" team)

The Behind The Lie II cast will be there to meet and greet everyone and tell their rolls in the play. It's a great opportunity to meet some amazing people. learn more about the human trafficking epidemic.


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