Could Texarkana use a little more entertainment? Texarkana is one of several Arkansas cities considering creating a designated area where outdoor drinking will be allowed following the passage of the new state law that will change alcohol laws. So to update you on this new law change.... According to the Texarkana Gazette,the Arkansas Legislature recently approved a bill that waives existing rules prohibiting public drinking within entertainment districts. Gov. Asa Hutchinson will sign the bill into law, a spokesman for the governor said.

Now about this potentially new HOT SPOT...... An entertainment district is like a magnetic area in most cities that’s zoned for commercial purposes and contains entertainment venues and tourist attractions including restaurants, bars, art galleries, concert halls and dance clubs.

The entertainment district will allow for the creation of areas similar to Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where people can walk between different establishments with alcoholic beverages. However, with that said, public intoxication and disorderly conduct remain illegal.

Texarkana city staff will present plans for the potentially new poppin' area to the Planning Commission, City Manager Kenny Haskin said.

“Plans and the necessary city ordinance will include reasonable standards for regulation of alcoholic beverages within the district and safeguards for its citizens,” he said.

As a friend of mine said, "I don't know about Beale or Bourbon Street".... but in my personal opinion, the city could definitely use a little night life. An entertainment district not only rejuvenates a city but also adds a certain vibrancy that attracts tourists. Having worked in local government for many years, I see the economic benefit. As we used to say... "Bringing people to the city puts heads in beds," which means hotel occupancy tax in the bucket... which in most instances means a win for the programs funded by the Visitor's Convention Bureau. The extra "Downtown Ummph" would also be a big draw for small businesses and entrepreneurs to Downtown TK area.


Hey, we may wake up one day and BOOM! TK is the spot to stop through when  traveling along I-30 and the place Texarkanians take a break from the day-to-day with friends and coworkers and go for entertainment.


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