In Bowie County, Texas DSHS reports a total of 4,679 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 3 probable cases with 207 deaths. The Department of State Health Services is reporting 400 active cases currently in Bowie County and 6780 recoveries.

Bowie County Vaccinations - First Dose: 15159
Bowie County Fully Vaccinated: 11457

Cass County has 1 new case and a total of 1169, plus 0 probable cases, 1834 of those recovered, 87 active cases, and a COVID death total of 80.

Cass County Vaccinations - First Dose: 4471
Cass County Fully Vaccinated: 3299

Miller County reports 4222 cumulative cases, 11 active cases, 4174 recovered cases, and a total of 36, COVID-19 related deaths. (4/9/21)

Vaccine Updates:

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